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About Terry

Empowerment Eating weaves Ayurvedic nutrition, meditation, mindset work, movement, purpose, and cooking into a synergistic program to help you make your big breakthrough…finally! Experience a Slimmer, Stronger, Smarter, Clear, Confident and Creative You! Let’s get started!


My program is called Empowerment Eating because I now understand that the only way to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off requires engaging every aspect of your being in the endeavor, not just your gut and your glutes. It requires making a paradigm shift; a letting go of the mistaken self-perception that has eclipsed your true identity. It requires manifesting the magnificent qualities that have always been yours but that got squashed in the mix of childhood pain and social conditioning.

For hundreds of years Western culture has revolved around a mechanistic model of the human being, Only recently has the body-mind-spirit connection been given scholarly attention and acceptance. You have never been a human machine, made up of disconnected or even warring, interchangeable or even disposable parts. You have always been a magnificently integrated individual made up of intelligent, interconnecting systems, a network of cooperative, information sharing, accurate and intelligent. This means that when you move towards wellness in one aspect of your life your life “moves with you”, opening to a synergistic upgrade. 


 The information, exercises, and practices of the Empowerment Eating program will help direct your intention and attention to nourishing your body with healthy foods, your mind with knowledge, wisdom and a positive mindset, and your spirit with determination, trust, and the clear vision to become who you were born to be: Slimmer, Stronger, Smarter ~ Clear, Confident, Creative


Reclaiming your optimum weight and wholeness requires an integrated, holistic system rooted in holistic systems and practices proven to be effective. Empowerment Eating draws from: 

Ayurveda Meditation Yoga Psychology of Behavior Personal Experience