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My Weight Loss Story

I was slightly chubby as child but never particularly aware of my weight. When I was twelve our family moved to Italy for 2 years. Living abroad proved to be an amazing experience of coming into my own. Six weeks before returning home I glanced at myself in a full length mirror and was aghast to see how much weight I had gained. I knew why – too many chocolate bars during my year in a Swiss boarding school and too many gelatos during my year in Rome. I had always imagined I would return to the US as a sleek and sophisticated young woman. I never questioned that self image until I looked in the mirror that day and saw a fat fourteen year old. Yes, f-a-t. 

On the spot I determined I would do whatever it would take to lose weight and attain my imagined look. I assessed my eating habits and created a food plan to transform myself: no more pasta or bread, no more gelato, no more cola, no more candy, and nothing in-between meals. I ate eggs and fruit for breakfast, picked through the school lunch, and ate extra vegetables and salad along with the meat course for dinner. That may sound harsh but it felt empowering to be so focused and committed and it was exciting be on a mission. In addition to coming home thin I also wanted to fit in socially so I asked my BF back home to send some records. Every night before dinner I would spend 2 hours jitterbugging from one end of the living room to the other. I had so much fun and OMG guess what?? I lost 25 pounds in 35 days!!! (Big smile, deep sigh!) I was able to return home, looking and feeling like the person I wanted to be. I felt fantastic!

Understanding what worked

I loved my new thin – so much so that I knew I never wanted to lose it. As I thought about my experience, then and now, I’ve identified the factors that contributed to my rapid transformation.

The  factors for my success were:

  • Adhering to a no white flour, no sugar, limited fat, no cheating, and no snacking diet.
  • Aerobics every day. I was dancing to be “cool” but it turned out to be fabulous exercise.
  • The hormonal and metabolic advantage of being a healthy fourteen year old.

The intangible factors for my success were:

  • Having a clear and strong intention – I knew what shape I wanted to be in and committed to my plan to getting there. This was my strongest success factor.
  • Avoiding feeling deprived – I never felt I was saying “NO” to myself; I was saying “YES” to what I truly wanted – a sleek physique.
  • Being aware of my gremlins – I recognized the sneaky ways temptation would try to derail me. When I felt a clash of impulses, I would remind myself of my clear and strong intention and the temptation was no  longer attractive.
  • Loving the “feeling of lightness” – I enjoyed the sense of spaciousness around my middle. At times I would find myself twisting and turning at the waist just to feel how thin and fluid I had become. This was my second strongest success factor.
  • Paying attention to my inner guardian – I learned to recognize the subtle signals I would feel as I was about to bite into something on my “Do Not Eat” list. And I was aware of even a slight weight gain – not in a way that made me obsessive, but in a way that kept me on track.

I don’t advocate losing 25 lb. in 35 days for most people. A better goal is losing 10 – 12 pounds a month for the first couple of months followed by a steady 8 pounds per month until you reach your own best weight. This approach allows you to move easefully into a new way of eating that can sustain you for the rest of your life! I know it works because I have maintained my weight for over 50 years.


I can as easily say, “I no longer watch my weight” as I can say, “I’m always watching my weight” because I’ve learned to eat with awareness, purpose and enjoyment. And you can too! You can learn which foods balance and nourish you. You can learn to create meals that satisfy and delight you. You can learn to recognize and release emotional patterns that have weighed you down. And you can learn to FEED WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE!  The Empowerment Eating program has been conceived to enable you to do just that. I’m here for you – let’s get started! Click here